LA Unbound welcomes choreography submissions in all styles of dance, including hip-hop, tap, ballet, contemporary, jazz, bollywood, burlesque, etc. We are looking for large group pieces only, so please do not submit a solo, duet, trio, etc. We highly encourage you to participate in LA Unbound as a dancer for at least one show before you submit to choreograph. This will allow you to get a feel for how auditions and rehearsals and show day are run.

All choreography submissions are due by Monday, August 7th, 2023. Please read below for more information on how to submit, and click here for the choreography submission form.


To submit choreography for our Fall 2023 show, you will need to complete the Choreography Submission Form and submit a $60 deposit by the deadline of Monday, August 7th.

Please note: All choreographers MUST have their rehearsal location and dates/times set in advance before submitting. Please read the Choreography Submission Form carefully for more details about submissions.


All LA Unbound Choreographers are responsible for finding, scheduling, and paying for their own rehearsal space. We realize that this can be cost-prohibitive for some choreographers, so we began our scholarship program to offer 10 one-hour blocks of rehearsal studio space to one recipient for each show.

To apply, simply tell us about your piece and why you think you should be chosen for the Scholarship. Your submission can be in the form of an essay, video, pdf, PowerPoint… get creative! Feel free to include photos and music as well. The deadline for Choreographers Scholarship Applications is Friday, August 4th, 2023.

Recipient will be announced prior to auditions.

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