Cast of the Spring 2018 Show on the El Portal Theatre Stage.

Most LA Unbound shows include 100+ dancers in 20-25 pieces featuring a variety of dance styles, including contemporary, jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop, and musical theatre.

A sanctuary for the artistic.
A gathering of creative souls.
Possessing a flair for the dramatic.
Having a true passion for dance in all of its forms.

LA Unbound was founded in August 2007 by Elizabeth Tramontozzi and Betsy Uhler, both former members of IC Unbound, the student dance company of Ithaca College. As dancers and choreographers, they were seeking a similar non-competitive setting in which to continue their dance training and to satisfy their performance aspirations. As quickly as LA Unbound was founded, like-minded dancers from an array of different backgrounds all united to collaborate, create and perform.

LA Unbound fosters a respectful, innovative environment for choreographers to experiment with a variety of dance forms as well as an outlet for dancers of all experience levels to nurture their creative sides in a comfortable, welcoming space. This inviting atmosphere rapidly culminates into an extraordinary public performance for all those with an appreciation for dance.

Now with over 150 dancers as well as 24 successful performances under its belt and more on the way, LA Unbound has consistently proven its intense value to the Los Angeles dance community. The camaraderie between the dancers, the diversity of performances and the whole-hearted commitment to the art of dance all contribute to the mission of providing “an outlet for personal expression and interaction with others who share a love of dance.”
-Bio by LA Unbound dancer Rachel Koller

Testimonials from LA Unbound Dancers and Choreographers

A few weeks ago I had the sheer joy of performing as part of LA Unbound. In addition to the amazing experience of watching so many talented dancers and choreographers come together for a shared vision to explore the medium of dance, I was struck by the name of the production. It truly lived up to its name – “unbound.” Dancers from as varied backgrounds as ballet, aerial, belly dancing, salsa and hip hop all shared the stage. One felt the production was in the spirit of collaboration, not competition. And each group was unbound on the stage – dancing freely, wholly and without limits. Backstage the feeling was the same – people laughing, sharing their diverse backgrounds, making new friends.

Vanessa Adelmann

It’s only been a year and a half since I’ve moved down to LA and I couldn’t be more grateful for my experiences so far with LA Unbound. I feel like I’ve made so many friends and have already grown a great deal as a performer thanks to being involved with this company – so glad Courtney made me audition last fall. It’s nothing like I would have expected ‘dancing in LA’ to be and I love our fellow dancers and choreographers, I have fun, I am challenged and I feel welcome.

-Melissa Karasek

Participating in LA Unbound was probably the best thing I could have possibly done my first year in LA between all the people I met and all the areas of the city I got to know. It really was a wonderful experience in every way. Thanks so much for creating such a welcoming environment for all dancers.

-Irene Roberts

LA Unbound, by definition, is one of the most important dance events that takes place in L.A. today. The amount of freedom and its eclectic design make it the perfect platform for experimenting (for the choreographers and dancers) and a fun show to watch for the audiences.

Jesus M. Rodriguez

LA Unbound is a professional caliber dance company offering an open and warm environment to teach, learn, and experiment. It has the ability to artfully blend styles of dance ranging from ballet, swing, bellydance, hip hop and burlesque into one cohesive and incredible show. All art forms are encouraged and respected. Best of all, the dancers are incredible people who are not only extremely talented but also fun, caring and genuine. As someone who has been around the LA dance scene for quite some time, I have to say that LA Unbound offers something special that I haven’t found elsewhere.

Julie White

LA Unbound is a forum to express yourself, who you are, what you want to become, and what you want to share with the world. After getting your feet wet, and working with all of the wonderful, warm, and welcoming people here you will realize that the ability to try new things, and break boundaries in your life will become a necessity. LA Unbound will give you the environment to try new things, choreograph, dance, change, think, and feel in totally new ways that will live with you forever! We welcome you to our world of creativity and imagination. Let dancing become your addiction

Emily Morrow

Press Links

Interview with Betsy in Shoutout LA (November 2020)

Interview on The DancePreneuring Studio Podcast (April 2017)
“It was a refreshing experience to get a positive perspective from Betsy Uhler Colombo on her dance training, how she put together the LA Dance Film Festival, and how her dance company LA Unbound inspires inclusion, providing an environment of freedom and creativity.”

Interview with Betsy in VoyageLA (April 2017)

LA Times Article (May 2014)

Campus Circle Article (June 2011)
“In a town where most dancers are not only competitive but flat-out cut throat, the LA Unbound company has seemed to surpass all of that animosity by creating a collective where many styles and types of dancers receive support and recognition.”

Review on PerformingArtsLive.com (August 2010)
“With great passion… they displayed numerous examples of dancing and choreographic brilliance… We can’t wait until next year to see what amazement LA UNBOUND will bring.”

Interview on SuchCoolStuff blog (July 2009)

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