How Do Auditions Work?

This is a question we get a lot, so allow us to explain!

First of all, you do not need to bring a headshot or resume to auditions. What you do need to bring is dance shoes – whichever kind you have. Tap shoes, pointe shoes, jazz shoes, bring them all! If you don’t have any dance shoes, that’s fine too. Many dances audition barefoot. Please make sure to wear comfortable clothes that you can move in.

When you arrive, you will sign in and get an audition number. We recommend coming at least 15 minutes early so you have plenty of time to find parking, sign in, and warm up. We do our best to get started on time, since auditions generally take the full three hours. Please plan to stay the entire time.

Each dance is auditioned separately. The first choreographer to audition their dance will explain a bit about the dance (story, style, theme, etc.) and then show a portion of the dance. Next, any dancer who is interested in being in that dance will get up and learn about 16-24 counts of choreography. The choreographer will teach the counts, then watch the dancers and take note of the dancers’ numbers. Each choreographer will have 10-15 minutes for this process, then the next choreographer will audition their piece and we keep going until we’re done! We generally audition anywhere from 15 to 18 dances during auditions.

Here’s a short video clip from the February 2008 auditions for our May 2008 performances:

After auditions are over, the choreographers will get together and choose their dancers. Each dance rehearses separately based on a schedule set by the choreographer.

Some tips for auditions:
The more dances you audition for, the better chance you have of being chosen for dances.
Try not to stand in the back, so you can be seen by the choreographers.
Don’t wear anything too baggy, so the choreographers can see how your body moves.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment in the replies or email us, and we will be happy to answer them. We hope to be dancing with you soon!

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  1. I was inquiring aboutt he performaces if choosen, are they paid and how does it work once you are with the comapny?

    Thank you
    La Toya

    1. Hi La Toya,

      None of our dancers or choreographers are paid. The money we make from ticket sales goes towards renting the venue, paying for costumes, etc. We audition each show separately, so the company members change for each show.

      Hope that helps, please let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks!

  2. What is the average age of the dancers that audition? Is there an age minimum or maximum?


    1. For the show we are auditioning on 4/24/10 the minimum age for dancers is 18 years old. The majority of our dancers are around 20-30 years old but anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to audition. In the future, we are hoping to have some shows that will include younger dancers as well!

  3. I was thinking about auditioning, if I were to be chosen i know the dancers are not paid but do the dancers have to pay for anything or are costumes and rehearsal time taken care of?

    1. hi karina, rehearsal space is taken care of by the choreographers. dancers sometimes have the option of paying for their own costumes if they want to keep them, but as a dancer in la unbound you will not be required to pay for anything. let us know if you have any other questions about anything, and we hope to see you at auditions!

  4. “In the future, we are hoping to have some shows that will include younger dancers as well! ” This was said in April 2010. Have you created shows for younger dancers as yet??


    1. Hi Monica,
      Our upcoming Nutcracker Unbound show will include younger dancers! Please let us know if you’d like more information about this.

  5. What days/times are rehearsals usually held on? I have a full time job at Disneyland, but I would LOVE to audition for Nutcracker Unbound!
    -Gina Carli

    1. Hi Gina,
      Rehearsals for each dance are set by the respective choreographers based on a schedule that works best for all the dancers. All our dancers and choreographers also have full-time jobs, so the rehearsals are generally on weeknights or weekends. But we are very flexible and always make it a priority to accommodate everyone’s schedules as best as possible.
      Hope this answers your question; please let us know if you need any more information. Hope to see you at auditions!

    1. Hi Colleen,
      Yes, we do! There are several ballet pieces in this upcoming show (most of our shows have at least one ballet dance), including one pointe piece! Hope to see you at auditions.

    1. Hi Alexia, no pre-registration is required. There will be some paperwork to fill out right before auditions, so please arrive a few minutes early to take care of that.

  6. I have always loved dancing, but have never been formally trained in any specific dance style. Are most of the dancer in labound formally trained? Would you recommend someone with my background to audition?

    1. Hello Iman,
      Most of our dancers do have formal training, yes. We would recommend that you take some dance classes before auditioning for one of our shows, but it is not necessary – we have had a few dancers in our shows with no formal training.
      If you are not sure if you’d like to audition, we would recommend that you do come, because each dance auditions separately, so you can pick and choose which pieces you think you’d like to try.

    1. Hello Masha, we absolutely love rhythmic gymnastics and have had some rhythmic gymnastics pieces in our shows in the past. We’d love to have you join us at our next auditions!

  7. What styles of dances will there be at auditions? And if we wanted to audition for a style for example tap but we don’t have the shoes would we get the chance to audition for that style?

    1. Hi Jazmine, all of our shows have contemporary, jazz, tap, ballet and hip-hop, plus more. A specific breakdown of this Saturday’s auditions (8/10/13) and be found on our facebook page:
      If you’d like to be in a tap piece, you will need to own your own tap shoes, so please bring them to auditions! Just bring all the dances shoes you have.

  8. My talent is tap dancing and theatre arts. If I was to get the part would their be more upcoming events? Also would I have to audition for that gig too? Since this job is not a paying gig, would their be any paid gigs in the future?

    1. Hi Deshawn, we are definitely looking for tappers and theatre experience is always great too! We do two shows per year, so the next performance opportunity would be next spring and you would need to re-audition. We audition all of our dancers separately for each show. There are occasionally opportunities for paid gigs outside of our regular performances. Hope to see you at auditions!

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